The software tailored to your needs

You are a newcomer? No problem, work with the presets and automatic calculations.

You know your way round? No problem, the open settings allow you a lot of freedom.

MPREP - simplified data preparation

Where and how many supports does a component need? How do I align it optimally? Is there anything else I should consider?
Don't worry, MPREP helps you. Presettings and automatic calculations make data preparation easier than ever. Let the software do the calculations and have a cup of coffee.


1. Models

Upload the component file.

You have these options:

  • Move model
  • Rotate model
  • Scale model
  • Pattern model

2. Support

Almost every component needs supports here and there.

You are a newcomer? You have these options in the automatic calculation:

  • Input of the critical angle
  • Settings for type and geometry

You already know your way round? You have these options for manual calculation:

  • Add: Adds supports with the selected properties
  • Edit: Supports can be selected and the properties can be edited
  • Remove: Removes supports

3. Process

Define the final settings for your component.

You have these options:

  • Material selection: all materials offered by us are available
  • Parameter presets: standard parameter setups are available for each material and you can create your own parameter setup.

4. Preview

Get a preview of your component.

You have these options:

  • Data export
  • Layer preview
  • Slider
  • Layer input


€ 1.560 per year

excl. VAT 

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