Technical Specifications

Powder supply w/
_4 supply cartridges
_250 % oversupply

Process chamber w/
_X-profile powder application
_100 W laser power
_100 µm focus diameter
_up to 200 mm/s scanning speed

Replaceable gas filter

Build module w/
_150 x 150 x 150 mm³
_20 – 200 µm layerheight
_< 5 µm z-resolution

54.900 Euro plus VAT

includes at delivery: substrateplate, build module, coater medium, prefilter, gas filter, hepa filter, O2 sensor

Unpacking chamber w/
_Glove box for bulk powder removal
_Automated turntable for undercut and internal powder removal
_Connector for external ATEX vacuum cleaner

Sieving unit for powder recycling w/
_ultrasonic sieve
_sieved powder in supply cartridge for reusage
_oversize powder in junk cartridge for disposal

21.900 Euro plus VAT

includes at delivery:
ultrasonic-sieve with sieve holder
build module not included

not included at delivery: build volume

Preparation Software

  1. Basic
  2. Premium
  3. Ultimate

Price: TBA