Unpacking station

Preparation software

_closed material system w/ powder cartridges

_100 W laser power
_150 x 150 x 150 mm³ build volume

_simplified unpacking process
_integrated sieving unit

_intuitive HMI and preparation software

Powder Supply
_ four powder cartridges
_ x2.50 over supply of the build volume
Process chamber
_ X-profile powder application
_ 100 W laser power
_ 100 µm focus diameter
_ 100 m/s scanning speed
Replaceable save filter cartridge
Build module
_ 150 x150 x 150 mm³
_ 20-100 µm z-resolution
_ >99.5 percent component density
Overflow powder
_ filled back in powder cartridge
Unpacking chamber
_Glove box for bulk powder removal
_Automated turntable for undercut and internal powder removal
_Connector for external ATEX vacuum cleaner
Sieving Unit for powder recycling
_ultrasonic sieve
_sieved powder in supply cartridge for reusage
_oversize powder in junk cartridge for disposal

Powder Circulation

_Cartridge system keeps powder away from operator

_Powder supply via supply cartridge

_Collection of overflow powder in overflow cartridge

_Automated turntable simplifies unpacking process

_Recycling of overflow powder in sieving station

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