Powder at your fingertips

Powder within hand's reach and yet it remains untouched - thanks to our cartridge.

Powder management with mind

Why complicated powder handling in powder buckets when it is also easier in handy cartridges?

The cartridge is designed along ergonomic guidelines and can still be held by hand at maximum filling of 11kg. This enables health-friendly operation.

Our supply and overflow containers are different in colour. This way we ensure the powder quality and possible mix-up errors are avoided.

The NFC-Tag increases safety in material use (no pairing of different materials possible), ensures powder quality and automatically detects closing cycles (depending on the procedure), which allows statements about seal wear. In addition, filling levels can be checked.

Materials available with us

The materials that can be used with the BOLDSERIES have all been tested by us for the compatibility and the parameters have been developed with care - for an optimised result.

Stainless steel



  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Mechanical post processing possible

Application example:

  • Watches, jewellery, functional components for electronic housings and accessories 
  • Food and chemical facilities
  • Automotive industry for non-corrosive components




  • good casting technological properties
  • good strength and rigidity
  • high dynamic load capacity

Application examples:

  • Functional prototypes
  • Serial parts
  • Motorsports
  • Aerospace interior
  • Mechanical engineering/series vehicles

Parameter coming soon

Tool Steel



  • easily editable
  • thermally hardenable up to approx. 54 HRC
  • good thermal conductivity

Application examples:

  • Injection moulding tools and their applications
  • Pressure die-casting tool applications
  • Functional prototypes, small series production, individualized products and spare parts 
  • Components that require particularly high strength and/or rigidity

Parameter coming soon

Powder cycle

Thanks to the cartridge system the powder required during a building job circulates optimally within the BOLDSERIES so that the majority of this powder can be used again. The supply cartridges are used for powder supply as well as for the reuse of sieved powder, the overflow cartridges function to collect processed powder.

Direct powder contact is greatly reduced by the cartridges, so that even users without any previous knowledge can easily operate the BOLDseries.

The cartridges and the powder circulation that can be realized from them ensure that as much powder as possible can be reused and as little powder as possible has to be disposed of. Sustainability in metal 3D printing is a challenge, but we love our planet and want to make our contribution.Therefore we plant a tree for every cartridge sold.